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Content Special issue on urbanization in the Gulf 1-4 Rim Meziani and Jen Te Pai Editorial Introduction Special issue on urbanization in the Gulf   5-24 Adnan Husnéin The Evolving Role of Modern Urbanistic Heritage in Shaping Sustainable Public Realm: The Case of Abu Dhabi   25-38 Talal Al-Awadhi Local Spatial Impacts of Globalization in Developing Countries: The Case of Sohar,... Read more
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Content Special Issues on the horizontal of research and methodologies on Sustainability in Asia 1-3 Yonghoon Son, Xiaolu Gao, Ninglong You Editorial Introduction Overview: Special Issues on the horizontal of research and methodologies on Sustainability in Asia 4-16 Haoying Han, Qiwei Ma, Yonghua Li Urban Growth Boundaries of the Hangzhou Metropolitan Area Based on Ecosystem Service 17... Read more
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Land Governance for Accelerated and Inclusive Development 5-6 April, 2017, New Delhi, India Land is globally seen as a potential tool to create conditions and opportunities for realizing social and economic equality and maintain cultural identity. Good land governance is vital to shared prosperity, accelerate, inclusive and sustainable development. Secured land tenure, especially for women and... Read more
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Cities are the driving force of the global economy and will be home to most of the world’s people by 2030. Can the public and private sectors learn to work hand-in-hand to ensure human habitats become resilient and future-ready? Governments and businesses make for unnatural bedfellows but in order to make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable and achieve the Sustainable Development... Read more
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Urban governance is a terrain existing predominantly within the domain of executive and legislative branches of government. Although this is true in many respects, urban processes, practices, spaces, and imaginaries are enacted as much through the judiciary. Judicial reasoning plays an important part in delineating access to and inclusion in the city. Judges have the power to set a particular... Read more
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Nairobi — A National Spatial Structure (NSS) expected to guide physical planning in the country has been unveiled. The structure which is contained in the National Spatial Plan (NSP) for the 2015-2045 period was launched on Wednesday by the Cabinet Secretary in the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning (MOLPP) Jacob Kaimenyi. Speaking during the launch, Kaimenyi said the blueprint will... Read more
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Cities around the world face the challenge of understanding why, how and where they are growing; an understanding that is crucial if they are to realise opportunities to steer this growth in ways that promote sustainable and equitable urban development. Being able to measure, visualise and analyse these often complex patterns of growth is essential to effective policy design and implementation.... Read more
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Two slums - barely 20 kilometres apart - are living very different lives CAPE TOWN, South Africa, Dec 14 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - In Cape Town, the slums of Flamingo Crescent and Santini are just 20 kms apart but the gap in the standard of living in these two settlements is being hailed as an example of how residents can actively upgrade their own lives. Shanty towns are a familiar sight... Read more
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Distinction seeks to promote successful experiences and inspire other organizations in Latin America and the Caribbean to embrace the guidelines of this global agreement. Adopted in October 2016, the New Urban Agenda defines the steps to ensure sustainable urbanization in the next 20 years. Rethinking how we plan, manage and live in cities is the principle of the New Urban Agenda, adopted in... Read more