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ORGANIZATIONAL LOCATION: UN-Habitat DUTY STATION: Home based with availability to Travel FUNCTIONAL TITLE: Housing Policy Expert, Consultant DURATION 01 February 2018 – 31 July 2018 CLOSING DATE: 31 Jan 2018   BACKGROUND The New Urban Agenda acknowledges that housing finance is a pre-requisite for sustainable and inclusive cities and needs to be promoted as a strategic area of... Read more
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ORGANIZATIONAL LOCATION: UN-HABITAT DUTY STATION: Nairobi/ Kenya with travel to Somalia if security permits FUNCTIONAL TITLE: Programme Support Expert DURATION: 5 working months CLOSING DATE: 23 January 2018                                                                                          BACKGROUND UN-Habitat Somalia is implementing the Federal Government of Somalia –... Read more
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The Smart Cities Exchange Conference (SCiX) offers City Mayors, City Managers, Chief Technology Officers, Economic Development Secretaries, Investors, Entrepreneurs, Urban Planners, Energy and Infrastructure Agencies and C level Executives the opportunity to explore and learn what is working in the most successful Smart Cities of the World, establish international collaborative networks to... Read more
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There is great enthusiasm for the smart city concept. Integration of autonomous vehicles, drones and networked communications are expected to manage congestion, lead to fewer accidents, reduce pollution and enhance quality of life. The smart city was a major theme at the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show (#CES2018), hosted by the Consumer Technology Association. Will smart cities be vibrant bastions... Read more
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Innovation is seen as a key ingredient for successful cities in the 21st century economy, as new technologies constantly emerge to disrupt the status quo. The idea of an “innovative city” can cover a broad range of different styles, sectors and outcomes. It can refer to a city where commercial breakthroughs by world-famous multinational companies occur, or where groundbreaking research is... Read more
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By 2030, 5 billion people will be living in urban areas with hundreds of millions living in one of the world’s 41 mega-cities, up from 28 today. At the same time, global demand for water is projected to outstrip supply by 40%. As such, cities around the world are at risk of water insecurity, which is the inability of a population to access good quality water of suf­ficient quantity necessary for... Read more
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Dense, well-educated, immigrant-friendly cities boost longevity—especially for the low-income. Some of the most provocative social science research in the past decade has come from the Equality of Opportunity Project, led by Stanford economist Raj Chetty. The project’s major work looks at the factors contributing to intergenerational economic mobility—the extent to which different communities... Read more
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“I came to Kigali about five years ago,” says 35-year-old Hassan Mudenge, a construction site assistant, “to look for a job and other opportunities. I can say I am now financially stable. I pay my rent regularly and send some money home to help my parents. And I am saving to build myself house in the village.” His is the story of many young Rwandans who leave their homes in the country’s rural... Read more
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This booklet draws upon lessons learned during the Inclusive Cities Project, which ran from 2009-2015. The Inclusive Cities Project brought together membership-based organizations (MBOs) of the working poor, regional/ global alliances of MBOs, and technical support organizations to strengthen MBOs in organizing, policy analysis, and advocacy so that urban informal workers had the tools necessary... Read more
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“The food market is a community - if one of the vendors falls ill we raise money. We also work together to maintain the market, such as the roof, so that it is better to work and sell food here.” The informal food market where Hazera, a grandmother of 5 works, is a hive of activity. Located in Khulna, it provides a vital source of affordable fruit, vegetables and fish to the local urban poor... Read more